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If your utility bills have been increasing each year, you might want to consider upgrading your old masonry fireplace. It’s time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient set of gas logs. While your traditional fireplace provides a great atmosphere and sensory experience, it does not provide a lot of heat. In fact, over half of the amount of heated air produced by the fire escapes out of your home through the chimney, which gives your wood-burning fireplace an energy efficiency rating of as low as 15 percent.

Depending on the model you select, a set of gas logs can have an efficiency rating from 75 to 99 percent. A higher energy efficiency rating means you are saving money on your utility bills as well as saving precious resources. If you have been thinking of how to spend less on your heating costs, Ashbusters can help you by converting your traditional fireplace into an energy-saving gas appliance. We would like to tell you more about gas logs and how they can provide more heat for less money.


One of the biggest concerns Ashbusters hears from customers about gas logs has to do with appearance. People tend to think of the artificial-looking logs from years past. Ashbusters would like to tell you that new technology has allowed gas logs to look so realistic that your guests may not even be able to tell a difference. According to SF Gate, you can find sets with glowing red embers, knotholes, forked branches, and other natural bark patterns.


If you have ever had problems getting a fire started in your traditional fireplace, you will appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to start a fire on your gas logs by pushing a button on a remote control from the comfort of your couch or your favorite chair. You also will not have to do any chores like bringing in firewood or sweeping up ashes.

Clean Efficiency

If you are trying to live as green as possible, you will like the fact that a set of gas logs emits less pollution than your old traditional masonry fireplace does. A high energy efficiency rating does not just mean you are saving more money; it also means the appliance does not produce a lot of pollution.

Want more heat for less money? Contact us at Ashbusters to learn more about our gas logs sales and professional installation services.