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Chimney Relining Is Now More Affordable Than Ever

In the good old days, which in this case has not been that long ago, when you needed to repair a damaged clay or terracotta chimney liner you replaced it, decided just not to use it, or took your chances, which was never a good choice. Today with the introduction of a product and system called HeatShield® you have an affordable option to repair the clay liner and get it back in great working order.

Of course there are times when the liner is beyond repair with extensive gaps, breaks and flaking when we still recommend replacment with a stainless steel liner. We like these liners because they come with a lifetime warranty, as long as they are installed by a certified chimney sweep.

Don’t Just Listen to Us

There are two institutions that are on the forefront of consumer safety; The National Fire Protection Association & the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Both of these organizations have stated that cracks, gaps and other damage to the flue liner should result in removal and replacement or relining of the flue for safety and structure reasons.

The NFPA deals with fire safety issues having to do with chimneys and other problems that could lead to a fire. The CSIA deals with certifying and educating individuals for chimney and dryer vent safety.  All of our chimney technicians hold certifications from both institutions and can change out or repair chimney liners of all types.

5 Things We Look For

  1. Has the clay mortar eroded or broken down in any way?
  2. Do we see cracks in the liner itself?
  3. Are the walls of the clay liner flaking; sometimes known as spalling?
  4. Do we see gaps between the flue tiles?
  5. Are the flue tiles cracked?

If any of these issues are seen, then we discuss with the home owner the choices they will have from replacing to repairing. If opting to repair, here are the details of the HeatShield® system. You will note that this can be a great way to restore a clay or terracotta liner to full functionality.

If it is determined that the liner is not one that can be restored then we will go over the replacement procedure so you can make an informed decision.  Again, we highly recommend the stainless steel liner in these cases as it will not rust and has a lifetime warranty and is the best material available for the job.

Why a Chimney Liner Makes a Difference

Many old houses were built without chimney liners and have to be retrofitted to meet today’s building codes. The reason liners have become so important is that they contain the smoke and poisonous CO2 gas that are emitted naturally from a wood fire. Without this containment, these materials can enter into your home through worn brick and stone or cracks that allow it to enter the attic to be circulated back into your home. Co2 monitors can let you know once the amounts are dangerous but a well maintained and working flue liner keeps this source going out into the atmosphere where it can be dispersed naturally.

We find these problems more often by conducting level two inspections. This level comes with a 360° video inspection up through the entire chimney appliance from firebox to crown. If we find any issues that need to be addressed, pictures are taken that can be shared with the homeowner and we will work with you to come up with the best solution that is safe and affordable.

Please take a minute and schedule an appointment today to have your appliance inspected. It’s better to be sure and safe than relaxed and worried. Let’s make sure your chimney is working the way it was built to work.


Is your chimney leaking? If so, you might need more than a simple chimney repair so getting it checked sooner is better than later.