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Chimney Appointment Tips To Keep Us Both Safe

Off-season appointments in the spring and summer are great times for non-emergency chimney maintenance that includes sweeping and inspections as well as chimney masonry work. Of course, getting your dryer vent cleaned can happen any time of the year and this is still a great time because of the packed chimney schedule during the fall and winter months.

Please note that Ashbusters appointment calendar is traditionally booked up to a month out from October through January. This is why we recommend off season maintenance appointments.

We do send annual service reminders and confirm all appointments by phone 24 hours in advance.

24 Hours Before Your Appointment: 

  • Stop using your fireplace, woodstove, or gas stove. For safety’s sake, we need to work with an appliance that is completely cool. As a courtesy, please remove all ash from the firebox. (Place them in metal container, and put it outside and away from any combustible material)

The Day of Your Appointment – Remember to:

  • Remove fragile or precious items from the area near the fireplace. We need about 5 to 6 ft around the fireplace to be clear to get our equipment in place.
  • Watch us work, if you’d like. Customers learn a great deal about chimney safety from watching us work, so we encourage it.

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