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Ashbusters Chimney Service is now located in Charleston, SC and ready to lend our expertise to the area in chimney cleaning & sweeping, chimney inspections, chimney repairs and dryer vent cleaning. We’ve been in business since 1985 and have seen the devastation of fire up close and personal. That’s just one reason why our core goal is prevention. In the communities we serve, our aim is to educate, inform and do whatever is needed to make sure our fellow citizens are safe from harm.

Unfortunately, we know that all fires are not preventable. At the same time, we also know that most are; and by doing all the yearly maintenance that is required on chimneys as well as clearing lint out of those dryer vents, we are doing everything possible to prevent fires in your home.

There are many things that can eventually cause a fire in your chimney. This is why it is important to get the chimney inspected yearly. In your dryer vent or exhaust, obstructions are the main culprit to starting a fire. Since most of us have dryers in our homes cleaning the vent is not something that can be avoided.

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From a Happy Customer…

Still not convinced? Check out this customer’s experience.

My experience with Ashbusters South Carolina was a wonderful one! I simply must recognize two individuals: Kimberli Pinder and Chris Young.


Kim was extremely helpful when I first contacted the company for a cleaning. She was so pleasant and friendly and wanted to ensure I had all the information I needed to make my appointment. After my appointment, she displayed excellent follow up via email and phone to ensure all of my questions were answered. Oh, and she laughed at my jokes! That’s always a good thing!


Chris, my tech, was the utmost professional. He ensured all of my belongings were covered so no soot or dirt made contact. He explained the entire cleaning process to me and answered all of my questions…..and, believe me, I asked a lot! He even found a little Green Anole lizard covered with soot in my chimney and showed it to me. I took it from him and gently washed off the dirt then set him loose outside. Now, Chris may add “animal rescuer” to his resume!


I wish to thank each of these individuals for a wonderful experience. As a result, I will continue to use Ashbusters Charleston for all of my chimney needs!


~ A. Ybarra, Charleston, SC

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Being new to the SC community, we know you might have questions for us and we are here to answer. Please feel free to contact us and give us a chance to earn your business. Whether you choose to use us or not, please don’t put off having a professional inspect and clean your chimney. You life and the lives of those you love are depending on it.

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