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Why You Should Think About Chimney & Dryer Services

One thing in the Chimney and Dryer Services industry that many people do not know is technicians do not have to be certified in order to conduct these services in your home. However, every technician that works with Ashbusters Charleston are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America to conduct the service you called on us to provide in your home.

Most of these men and women are known as chimney sweeps or chimney cleaners and all of the sweeps employed with us are highly trained individuals. They not only take detailed tests and training but have spent several months doing on the job training with very experienced chimney technicians who know how to come into your home, clean or sweep your chimney, and do a thorough inspection – all while leaving everything in your home as clean or cleaner than when they arrived.

Training & Education

All of our certified chimney techs receive mandatory training from the CSIA on an annual basis. This is just one of the reasons our techs not only do chimney sweeping but can also troubleshoot and locate current or potential issues throughout the appliance that either need to be replaced or repaired.

Whatever the chimney or fireplace problem, Ashbusters Charleston can help you solve it. While you may think what you are getting is a “chimney sweeper”, we can assure you, you will be getting so much more with Ashbusters Charleston Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.

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