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Did You Know Chimney Masonry is Specialized

One thing many people don’t realize is when dealing with a chimney system, just anybody that has done masonry may not be the best choice to fix your dirty, stinky, leaky and freaky chimneys! There are certain mixes of mortar and bricks that are required to fix them right and we have the experience to do just that.

That’s because we specialize in chimney work. We may get asked from time to time to do some other masonry, which we can, but we spend the vast majority of our time repairing and rebuilding chimneys that need our help. The last thing you want to do is hire someone that might not have the experience required for the job at hand and put your family at risk. After all, you are lighting a fire in the middle of your home!


Common Repairs or Rebuilds for Masonry Chimneys

  • New Construction including outdoor chimneys and kitchens
  • Restoration of old or damaged chimney brick and mortar
  • Demolition of old or damaged chimneys beyond repair or for replacement
  • Rebuilding a damaged chimney
  • Repointing damaged mortar between bricks

Is Your Distressed Chimney Begging to be Fixed

No matter what condition your current chimney is in we can help. We understand the anatomy of the system from top to bottom and can help with any type of repair. Starting with us first eliminates the need to go through a general contractor to get your chimney fixed right. That’s not to say that we don’t work with general contractors on projects that include chimney work, because we work with many great companies that bring us in for specialty jobs on fireplaces, woodstoves and prefab chimney units.

Unprecedented Warranties

As master masons, we serve as the contractor on the job so we put in place warranties from our 5 year workmanship warranty for all of our jobs to the 10 year Lifetime warranty that many of our repairs cover. We are confident in offering such warranties because we make sure the jobs we do are done correctly.

The Great Outdoors

Many families are extending their living space out of doors and into their backyards or on existing patios. For projects such as outdoor fireplaces, full or partial kitchens and outdoor wood fire ovens (A.K.A. pizza ovens that really are so much more!) we are the company to call. We will work hand in hand with you or your landscape architect to give you the wonderful outdoor space of your dreams. We are here to work with you in regard to your chimney system or any new project. Just let us know how we can help.


Chimney relining is another specialized chimney repair done at Ashbusters Charleston.