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Some people who have a fireplace find it inconvenient to use for burning wood due to the area where they live. The fireplace ends up becoming a huge decoration and is never used for its intended purpose, which is to help keep the home warm. One way to make the most out of a masonry chimney is to use gas logs rather than having to store wood to burn.

You can use gas logs in a masonry chimney

Gas logs are a great replacement for wood for those who are attempting to save some money on their heating bill. One of the best aspects of having a fireplace it being able to use it to mitigate electricity costs. Gas is much cheaper than electricity, so it just makes sense to take advantage of this fact by installing these logs.

Of course you may be wondering why one would not simply use wood in a wood fireplace. That makes more sense, right? Well, not everyone has room to store all the wood it would take to heat a home for a full winter. It is much easier to install a gas line and burn it instead of having to create a space to store massive amounts of wood.

Others simply prefer the ease it takes to heat the home with gas logs rather than lugging wood into the home. The fire has to be kept stoked and someone needs to be responsible for adding more when it burns down. Gas has none of these issues, as the logs are typically hooked up to a gas supply that stays on indefinitely.

Keep in mind that you cannot use a gas log in a gas fireplace as there is a difference in the way the gas is burned. If you attempt to use gas logs in a gas fireplace, there is a chance of gas asphyxiation or even an explosion. Nevertheless, installing a gas log is a great way to convert a wood fireplace into a gas burning one without breaking the bank.