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heatshield logoIf you own a home with a masonry chimney, it is likely that it was built with a clay tile liner. Although this type of chimney liner is constructed with materials that are durable enough to last the lifetime of the chimney, the clay tiles can suffer from spalling damage after years of exposure to extremely high temperatures. The cracks and gaps that are left behind from this type of damage can create a dangerous fire hazard in your chimney. It was not very long ago that having a damaged clay tile liner repaired was very expensive because of the hours of labor required to complete the job. In most cases, the chimney would have to be taken apart to be able to properly repair the clay tile liner. Fortunately, a new product was developed in the 1980s that revolutionized the way that clay tile chimney liner is repaired – the HeatShield Chimney Liner Repair System. Ashbusters is proud to include chimney relining with HeatShield as part of our professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services that we provide to the Charleston area. We would like to tell you more about this economical way of repairing a damaged clay tile chimney liner.

What exactly is HeatShield?

Formulated as a combination of ceramic and refractory sealant materials, HeatShield has been tested and proven to restore the safety and efficiency of masonry chimneys. Available in three different methods, the HeatShield repair system can stand up to corrosive combustion by-products, moisture, and temperatures as high as 2900 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are HeatShield’s three different repair methods?

Ashbusters will begin your HeatShield relining service by inspecting your chimney liner to determine the severity of the damage. If we find that only the mortar joints are damaged, we will recommend the Joint Repair System, but if there is minor damage to any of the tiles, we will need to use the Resurfacing System. With both of these systems, we will first insert a customized foam applicator device into your chimney, and then we will add the HeatShield sealant. If we find that there is major damage to your clay tile liner, we will recommend the CeCure Sleeve Relining System. This method includes ceramic insulation that is reinforced with stainless steel fabric and HeatShield cerfractory coatings. No matter which HeatShield repair method is used, we will verify our work with the manufacturer by using a special video camera. This guarantees that your restored liner will be covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Our team at Ashbusters is proud to have been selected by the manufacturer to be trained and certified HeatShield professionals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney relining services. We want your fireplace to work safely this winter.