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The holidays are just around the corner, and as you decorate for the season, you should keep in mind a few safety tips to prevent any accidental fires. The last thing you want to deal with during this joyous time is a residential fire, but, unfortunately, the risks for accidental fires increase significantly over this time. To keep you safe this holiday season, Ashbusters would like to share with you some holiday decorating tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Holiday Decorating Safety - Charleston SC - Ashbusters


If you like artificial trees, you want to be sure your tree is fire resistant. If you prefer real trees, look for the freshest tree you can find as a dry tree can be a fire hazard. Keep your stand filled with water in your house while your tree is on display.

Do not place your tree in front of the fireplace or any other heating appliance. Heated rooms can dry out a real tree very quickly, which makes it hazardous.


Use only lights, both indoor and outdoor, that have been tested for safety. Check each strand of lights for cracked or broken sockets, bare or frayed wires, and any loose connections before you put them up.

Always turn off all of your holiday lights before you go to bed as lights can short out and cause a fire.

If you use faulty lights, the entire tree can become charged with electricity and possibly electrocute anyone who touches the tree. To prevent this danger, use colored spotlights above or beside the tree and not attached to it.


Never hang decorations made from paper from your hearth. Hot embers and sparks can jump out and easily ignite anything made of paper. You want to keep your hearth clear from paper and trimmings to prevent accidental fires.

When unwrapping presents, take care to keep all of the wrapping paper away from the fireplace. You also do not want to burn wrapping paper in your fireplace because it can burn intensely and start a flash fire.

Stay safe this holiday season and prevent accidental fires. For more holiday decorating safety tips, contact us at Ashbusters to find out more ways to keep fire hazards from ruining your holidays.