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The weather in Charleston is getting hotter by the day. You are probably doing whatever you can to keep your house as cool as possible. Finding every air leak in your home is one of those things to do. You should always remember to close your chimney damper to keep cooled air inside during the summer. If you have an older masonry chimney, you most likely have a traditional throat damper. These dampers are typically made from some type of metal. Unfortunately, these dampers can suffer from corrosion damage, which can make them difficult to operate.

Over our many years of working, Ashbusters has seen many old dampers stuck in the open position because of heavy rusting. If your damper is causing your home to be less than energy efficient, you may want to upgrade to a new top-mounted damper. We would like to tell you more about this type of damper and how it works to keep your home comfortable while saving you both energy and money.

How do chimney dampers work?

Unless you want a smoke-filled room every time you light a fire, you need a chimney damper that can open and close properly. You should never light a fire in your fireplace if the damper is closed. The damper should be opened completely to allow smoke and the other byproducts of combustion escape out through the chimney. When you are not using your fireplace, close the damper to keep outside air from leaking into your home.

What is the difference between a throat damper and a top-mounted damper?

The biggest difference between the two types of dampers is that a throat damper is located directly above the firebox and a top-mounted damper sits on the very top of the chimney. Another difference is the type of seal that is provided. Older throat dampers can be metal on top of metal (the firebox), and this does not seal adequately. A top-mounted damper is equipped with a silicone rubber gasket that provides an airtight seal of the chimney. After installing a top-mounted damper, you will notice a decrease in your utility bills each month. There is also a difference in how you open and close these dampers. To open and close some throat dampers, you must stick your head into the firebox. However, all you have to do is pull a chain by a lever or handle that is attached to the firebox.

Another great benefit of having a top-mounted damper is that it also functions as a chimney cap. If you need to update either your damper or your chimney cap, call 843-225-9985 today! Contact us at Ashbusters to see how we can help you keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.