Meet the Ashbusters Charleston Team

Kim Pinder has a 17 year old son and 2 dogs. She lives in Ladson, and has been with the company for almost 2 years as the office manager. She loves customer service and making sure our customers are happy.

John Perdue has 2 kids, and he’s from Tennessee. He’s been with Ashbusters for almost 10 years, and he’s the branch manager of the Charleston team.

Chris Young is married, and he has a daughter. He’s also a big dog lover. He is going into his 4th year with Ashbusters as a chimney technician, and he seems to really like being busy with the hustle of the job and making his customer’s smile.

painting of ashbusters team
JD McElvogue is married and is active in his church. He likes old Ford pick ups, he used to be a police officer, and he has been with the company almost a year. He was recently certified through the CSIA as chimney technician.


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