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Kids all over are anxiously waiting to see if their Christmas lists will be fulfilled as the holiday nears and Santa makes his way into everyone’s home by squeezing down the chimney. The practical question is how does he keep his suit looking clean and fresh with all of the soot that builds up in a chimney? While it will not prevent build up, a chimney sweep will remove creosotes that have accumulated inside of your chimney. It is recommended that you have a sweep and inspection once a year. For your entire chimney needs call Ashbusters of Charleston.

Knowing the different parts of your fireplace and chimney can help you keep it efficient and safe all year long.

Knowing the different parts of your fireplace and chimney can help you keep it efficient and safe all year long.

Know the Parts

So, what is going on inside of your chimney that needs to be inspected? Even though there are two types of chimneys, masonry and factory-built, they all have the same basic inner structure. As you start at the bottom and work your way up you have your fireplace itself. The chimney is then connected to that along with many other parts that work together to make your unit complete. Chimney crowns are important for protection because they eliminate any water damage. When water gets into contact with a crack in your chimney or in nearby areas, it can begin to form mold and spread throughout not only your chimney, but your home’s walls and foundation as well. Water damage could also lead to mortar deterioration, which would lead to the whole structure becoming weak.

The flue and its liner must also be in top shape to make sure that exhaust gases are able to leave your home and reduce any kind of flammable debris from accumulating, keeping your air quality of your home safe. The smoke chamber is another part of the unit that is responsible for the compression of byproducts of combustion into a smaller space to eliminate any back draft, which could lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Your electric bill will be thanking you if your chimney damper is taken care of and used properly, because it keeps any energy from being lost when the fireplace is not in use.

If you ever have suspicions that a part of your fireplace and chimney is not working correctly, call for professional help to ensure safety for your family and home.