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In Need of Chimney Repair Services Near James Island? Trust the Techs at Ashbusters Chimney Service

An island town full of history and scenic beauty, James Island is roughly four miles southwest of Charleston, SC. Much like its island neighbors, this tiny four square mile island has no shortage of sights to see. Home to several historic sites dating back many centuries, James Island provides the perfect opportunity to learn a bit more about the history of our country at places like Fort Johnson and Charles Towne Landing.

If a nice and lush park is more your speed, you’re sure to enjoy a day spent at James Island County Park, where you’ll find a whole variety of different amenities that everyone in the family can enjoy. Bring your four-legged friend and check out the dog park, or try your hand at disc golf at an 18-hole course.

No matter how or where you choose to spend your time on laidback James Island, one thing is for sure: the mild to moderate temps just can’t be beat! Still, there is something to be said for those calm and quiet days at home. And here at Ashbusters Chimney Service, we believe those moments are made even better when accompanied by a beautiful fire…which is where we come in!

We’re a full-service chimney and venting maintenance and repair company serving the greater Charleston area. From routine preventive maintenance services like chimney cleanings and inspections to minor leak repairs, structural rebuilds to appliance upgrades, we’ve got the tools, team, and training to tackle it all.

We travel to more than just James Island too. If you’re a homeowner in any of the nearby communities such as Charleston, Moncks Corner, Awendaw, Sullivan’s Island, Hanahan, Hollywood, Ladson, or anywhere else surrounding, we’d be happy to serve you.

Reach out online or give us a call at 843-595-4927 to schedule your appointment today.

We Offer An Extensive List of Repair & Maintenance Services To Homeowners in & Around James Island

Sometimes we’re asked about why we like to include the terms “full-service” when referring to our company. That’s because, unlike many of our competitors, we don’t simply sell a chimney sweep service then leave you to fend for yourself should something happen to your system. We offer a full and comprehensive list of services to ensure that your fireplace and chimney system are well taken care of.

So, while yes, we do, of course, perform those services like cleanings and all three levels of chimney inspections, we also do a whole lot more.

And while that seems to cover just about everything, if for some reason you have a question or concern that does not seem to be addressed in this list of services, please do not hesitate to reach out. It’s important to us that our customers feel comfortable throughout this entire process – and it’s even more important that you are operating a clean and properly inspected appliance!

So, whether you know exactly what service to schedule and are ready to do so, or you have a whole list of questions to go through first, our team is here for you. You can reach us right here through our website or by phone at 843-595-4927.

Why Are There Different Levels of Chimney Inspections?

That’s a great question. While it would certainly be nice to simply treat each and every chimney system the same, regardless of age, use, and homeowner maintenance, it simply is not smart or feasible. Not only are chimneys and fireplaces each distinctly unique, but the way in which they are operated and cared for plays a huge role in the specific kind of service they receive on a regular, annual basis.

That’s where the different levels of chimney inspections come in. So, while each inspection level is “the same” in that it provides a system-wide overview of everything from top to bottom, every increasing level includes a bit more detail and is required depending on a handful of factors.

The breakdown looks like this:

Level I Chimney Inspection

  • Scheduled when no changes have been made since the last service and the appliance is in the same, normal operating condition
  • Includes a detailed inspection of all easily accessible areas of the chimney, requiring no removal of panels or coverings

Level II Chimney Inspection

  • Scheduled when a property ownership is transferred, the fuel source has changed, or there have been any other modifications or repairs completed on any area of the fireplace or chimney
  • Includes a detailed inspection of all easily accessible areas, including the removal of some panels and coverings to reach less accessible parts; utilizes a special camera rigged up to enter the flue so as to provide a clearer view of the inner workings

Level III Chimney Inspection

  • Scheduled when one of the previous two inspections reveal hidden dangers, inefficiencies, or areas that require a closer and more detailed look
  • Includes a detailed inspection of all easily accessible areas, including the removal and associated destruction of some parts of the chimney system and/or home in order to find the root cause of what was found

Not quite sure which level of chimney inspection to schedule? No worries – don’t put off scheduling or avoid it completely just because you’re not sure which one you need. Just reach out to someone from the Ashbusters team and once we get a bit more information from you, we’ll be happy to get you on our books with the right service. Fill out this form or give us a call at 843-595-4927 to get started!

It’s been years since our last chimney cleaning! I found Ashbusters online. The service was EXCELLENT! Jeramie Hoehn was our technician. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure to talk to. We will be sure to use Ashbusters again, and won’t wait years to do it. Next year for sure!

-Susan F.

Is Chimney Damage Preventable?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that virtually all chimney damage is, in fact, preventable. How? By creating and then sustaining a regular preventive maintenance schedule. It may seem like chimney sweep services and inspections are optional services to prolong the life of your appliance, but the truth is that they are the only way to know that you are operating a safe heating system.

It’s also important to note here that while similar, chimney cleanings (or “sweepings” as they are professionally called) and inspections are not the same service and one should never be used in place of the other. An inspection serves as a sort of diagnostic exam for the overall health and condition of your entire appliance, while a chimney sweep service removes caked-on creosote and other gunk that’s accumulated over the burning season.

Both of these preventive services give you plenty of information about the health of your appliance and, if/when needed, a direction to move if repairs are required. And when completed on a regular, yearly basis, these services ensure that you’re all set and safe to enjoy another season of use.

Quite often, chimney damage can be hard to catch – so much of what makes these structures so dangerous (aside from the fact that they exist to literally house and maintain a fire indoors) is that they’re difficult to see and even harder to access without the right equipment. Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule is usually the only way you’re able to spot problem areas and catch potential damage before it gets worse.

Are Chimney Caps Required?

Absolutely. Available in a variety of styles – many of which come in different materials and finishes – chimney caps are the only way your flue stays protected against the elements. Without them, sure your system may be able to effectively release the noxious gases and exhaust fumes naturally created during combustion, but you’re also inviting a whole bunch of harmful things like water, other materials and debris, and animals into your chimney, and by proxy, your home.

No matter the type or style, all chimney caps are created to do these two very important jobs: release the fire smoke from your home, as well as seal off the flue from that which can harm the entire structure. So, there is no need to worry about providing your system with a wide open exitway for the exhaust to escape – the chimney cap has already taken that into consideration.

Is your current chimney cap deteriorating or damaged? Interested in trying out a new look or a different kind of protection? Ask us about the different kinds of chimney caps we sell and install! You can get in touch by filling out this appointment request form, or simply give us a call at 843-595-4927.

Why Should I Work With a Professional for My Fireplace & Chimney Needs?

With the rise of YouTube and HGTV, many homeowners wonder why they should even look for a professional chimney company in the first place if they can simply type in  their needs and learn of a DIY solution. And while we certainly admire the confidence and pluck, this is not something we ever recommend. As simplistic as the chimney appears on the outside, it is actually exceptionally complex – not to mention extremely dangerous, especially when you don’t have the right tools or the proper training and experience.

No matter if you’re just trying to replace some cracked mortar between your bricks, or you’ve learned that there is a leak somewhere in your system, it’s best to always leave any fireplace and chimney tasks to the professionals. You might think you’re saving a quick buck, but trust us, you’ll end up saving more when you work with a qualified company from the start – that way we won’t have to fix anything that might have gotten screwed up during your experimenting.

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From James Island to Johns Island, Seabrook Island to Kiawah Island, North Charleston to Summerville, Isle of Palms to West Ashley, Daniel Island, Goose Creek, and more places in the greater Charleston area, we’re proud to offer homeowners professional and high-quality chimney maintenance and repair services.

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