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As winter is approaching, you are probably thinking about improving the heating efficiency in your home, especially if you have an older traditional masonry fireplace. While this type of wood-burning fireplace provides a lot of atmosphere, most of the heat it produces escapes out of your home through the chimney. This can be expensive as you have to turn up the thermostat of your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable during the coldest times of the year. You also may be considering adding supplemental heat to a room to implement zone heating to save money on utilities.
Ashbusters can help you solve both of these problems with a new set of gas logs. In our fireplace catalog, you will find a wide variety of gas logs, and our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the best set of logs for your home. Convenient and easy to use, gas logs have high energy efficiency ratings that promise to keep you warm without spending a lot of money on heating costs. When you shop for a set of gas logs, you will have to choose between two types: vented and vent free. We would like to tell you more about these two types to help you decide which is the best for your house.


If you are wanting to update your older masonry fireplace, you should consider a set of vented gas logs as they can easily be installed into your existing fireplace. Gas Log Use in Winter Image - Charleston SC - Ashbusters ChimneyFor those who are concerned about the aesthetics of a gas flame, vented gas logs are also known as “yellow flame” logs, according to the Chimney
Safety Institute of America (CSIA), for their realistic and pleasingly attractive fires. The exhaust from this type of gas logs needs to be vented out of a chimney because they produce soot and carbon. The deposits from the soot and carbon need to be cleaned from the chimney annually for safety and efficiency reasons. While vented gas logs provide realistic flames, they do not give your home a large amount of heat. You should consider this potential drawback when deciding on which type of gas logs is right for your home.

Vent Free

Since a set of vent free gas logs does not need to be vented outside through a chimney, this can be the perfect solution for adding supplementary heat to a room without a fireplace. You will also want to consider vent free logs if you are looking for a larger heat output. Although these gas logs can have energy efficiency ratings as high as 99 percent because they burn hotter and cleaner, there have been a few questions concerning the safety of vent free gas logs. However, Ashbusters can tell you how to safely use this type of gas logs without affecting your indoor air quality.

Think about getting gas logs during this cold season. Contact us at Ashbusters to learn more about this economical and energy efficient heating option.