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Now that fall is here, you should be planning your winter heating strategy for your home. To get more heat without increasing your utility bills, consider an update to your traditional masonry fireplace. You could also add a new hearth appliance for supplemental heat. However, shopping for a new fireplace can be overwhelming because of the many options available to you. Ashbusters would like to tell you about our online Fireplace Store where you will find our expert staff’s recommendations for the best hearth appliances on the market. We offer fireplaces and stoves as well as accessories that make your fireplace experience more enjoyable and relaxing. Once you have found the perfect fireplace, our National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified technicians will safely and professionally install it. We would like to tell you about two types of fireplaces you will find in our online store.


One simply way to transform your masonry fireplace into an energy efficient heat provider is installing a basket of gas fireplace coals. We offer a variety of basket styles and shapes from Ashberry Ventless Gas Coals, a trusted national brand. Gas fireplace coals are perfect for those who want a more realistic looking fire. Easy and convenient to operate, you can start the fire from anywhere by pushing a button on the remote control device.


Some of our customer’s love of the sensory experiences from their old wood-burning fireplaces makes them hesitant to go with a gas hearth appliance. We are happy to show them our selection of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved wood-burning fireplace inserts as an energy efficient way to heat residences. We carry the full spectrum of Regency Fireplaces, one of the leaders in manufacturing EPA-certified wood-burning fireplace inserts. These units will give you longer lasting and warmer fires without having to burn a lot of firewood. You can also find gas and pellet fireplace inserts from Regency and other well-known brands in our Fireplace Store.

Considering adding a new fireplace or updating your old masonry fireplace before winter arrives? Contact us at Ashbusters to learn more about our online Fireplace Store and our professional installation services.