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The anatomy of a chimney is similar to other household appliances and therefore requires similar maintenance. For example, a plumber must come in and remove any blockages when a sink is draining slowly. Blockages can also build up in your chimney over time and cause major problems. Even though it may appear the only thing going up your chimney is smoke, they are still susceptible to blockages and buildup of hazardous material over time. One byproduct of fire that can cause said blockages is creosote.

Luckily, Ashbusters Chimney Service of Charleston, SC has a team of professional technicians available to clear your chimney of creosote so you can relax safely by the fire this fall and winter! Read below to learn more about creosote and its removal, then schedule an appointment today!

What is Creosote?close up of flaky creosote

When you burn a wood fire, smoke travels up and exits your home through the chimney. However, the burning wood expels particles of tar that harden when mixed with moisture in your chimney, forming creosote. The creosote sticks to the interior of your chimney and builds up over time, and is a major hazard to your chimney and home. It is extremely flammable and can also release toxic chemicals back into your home. Finally, it restricts the airflow of your chimney.

Creosote Removal and Buildup Prevention

Unfortunately, the buildup of creosote cannot be stopped entirely because it is a natural byproduct of burning wood. However, it is easily preventable through regular chimney maintenance such as sweepings and inspections. Chimney sweepings and inspections are recommended annually by reputable organizations such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). When our team examines your chimney, we will assess the amount of creosote buildup and take all the necessary steps to efficiently remove all of it. We will also survey the condition of your entire chimney and recommend any other necessary repairs or maintenance.

Our staff undergoes rigorous professional training and certification to provide customers with the highest quality maintenance. In addition to chimney sweepings and inspections, we provide a variety of other services. We provide other chimney services such as relining and leak repair. Our team can also handle any masonry and fireplace repairs, renovations, and construction. Lastly, we can take care of any dryer vent maintenance.

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