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With the changing times in technology and products, people have miniaturized computers in their pockets that they call cell phones and have eliminated the need for “snail mail.”  With this said, why are fireplace users still continuing to use the traditional wood method instead of switching over to a gas unit?  If you are interested in switching over, call Ashbusters Chimney Service.  The experienced professionals can do a chimney inspection and give you helpful hints on how to make your new unit the most efficient.

Maybe you want less mess or maybe you are looking for a more even burn...gas logs would be a wonderful addition.

Maybe you want less mess or maybe you are looking for a more even burn…gas logs would be a wonderful addition.

Many people who use the traditional method of heating are worried that gas logs will eliminate some of the realistic experiences that they are used to, but in actuality with a couple added features, they can be just as realistic.  Gas logs are made out of various materials that have been treated to resist flames.  They are also inexpensive as they cost less than running electricity.  Gas logs are also easier to use because they do not have to be cleaned as often and also cool down much quicker than wood logs, also having less tendency to make additional sparks after the fire has been put out.  These are especially good for an inexperienced fireplace user because you can set the amount of flames that you want produced inside of the unit.  The most important difference is that gas logs will not emit creosotes, which is better for you and your family’s health and for the structure of your chimney overall.

So now that you are convinced your question is how do you switch your unit into a gas-burning fireplace?  There are many options as to what kind of kit you want to use: a gas fireplace, a vent-free gas fireplace, and a gas fireplace insert.  Surprisingly, none of these units will require a structural change from your traditional unit.  You will need a gas line near the structure, usually within 10 feet.  A gas log kit will give the look of a fire, but not as much heat.  A vent-free gas kit is nice because they keep all of the heat in, but because they keep the combustion in the home they are harmful to anyone who has heart or asthma problems.  Lastly, the gas fireplace insert is the look of the fire without the open fire.