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Have you noticed loose bricks on the exterior of your chimney? Or maybe you have seen other repair work needed to be performed on your chimney. To be sure your fireplace and chimney are in tip-top shape for the winter season, Ashbusters in Charleston, SC recommends you take care of repairing those loose bricks and any other problems there may be in late summer before the fall rush. Every autumn, we have a fully-booked schedule performing annual chimney sweeps and inspections. We’re also busy repairing chimney issues, since everyone needs to do these maintenance tasks before using their fireplace for the first time in the fall or winter. Scheduling your annual cleaning and inspection in the summer allows our chimney sweeps to find any needed repairs and arrange a time to fix them before fall comes around. To let our customers know exactly what types of repair work Ashbusters provides, we would like to tell you more about our chimney repair services.

Chimney Maintenance - Charleston SC - Ashbusters

Chimney Masonry

The masons at Ashbusters have proven their excellence and experience in chimney masonry repairs over the years, and all of our masons are trained and certified in this field. When you need masonry repair work done, it is important to choose a company who specializes in this area. Common chimney masonry repairs offered by Ashbusters include:

  • restoring old or damaged chimney bricks and mortar
  • demolishing chimneys which are beyond repair
  • rebuilding a damaged chimney
  • repointing missing or damaged mortar between bricks

Chimney Leaks

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), water penetration is the greatest enemy to your masonry chimney, and repairing water leaks is the best prevention of damage, such as spalled bricks, cracked mortar, and even mold growth. With a couple of ways to combat water penetration, the chimney technicians at Ashbusters can protect your chimney from water leakage. Those are:

  • repairing or replacing a damaged chimney cap and/or chimney crown
  • applying a 100% vapor-permeable waterproofing agent to seal water out of your chimney’s masonry work

If water damage is found by you (loose bricks on your chimney’s exterior, for example) or by our chimney inspectors, the leak source should be found and repaired as soon as possible to prevent any further deterioration.

Chimney Relining

Any cracks or holes in a chimney flue liner can be dangerous, according to the CSIA, as this damage can result in carbon monoxide and other toxic gases to leak into your home. Some chimneys are not even lined, which poses a bigger problem. Ashbusters provides two options for damaged or cracked flue liners, which include:

  •  repairing a cracked clay liner or even replacing an overly damaged flue liner with HeatShield, a less expensive way to repair or replace a chimney flue liner
  • installing a durable and long-lasting stainless steel chimney liner if there is no liner or the existing liner is beyond repair

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will spot a damaged flue liner during the cleaning process and get you started on the path to a functional and safe chimney liner.

Have more questions about our chimney repair work? Contact Ashbusters in Charleston, SC today to receive answers as well as schedule your chimney maintenance tasks now before the fall rush.