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For many of our customers, fall is a busy season, especially when you have children. Once school is back in session, your life can become so hectic that the next thing you know, the holidays are here. The fireplace in your home will be a popular spot during November and December, so you need to make sure there are no dangerous hazards lurking inside your chimney to keep your holidays safe and sound. Before you light your first fire of the season, you should have your chimney professionally swept and inspected. These inspections are based on according to recommendations from national fire safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).Beat the Fall Rush Schedule Your Annual Chimney Sweeping Now Image - Charleston SC - Ashbusters

Ashbusters has been providing these professional chimney maintenance services to the residents of the Charleston area for years. We strongly suggest that you go ahead and schedule an appointment for your annual professional chimney sweeping and inspection with us now to avoid the fall rush. We would like to tell you why and what you can expect from our service visit to your home.

Why should I make this appointment now?

After Labor Day, the calendar of the CSIA-certified chimney sweepers at Ashbusters begins to quickly fill up with appointments to sweep and inspect chimneys across the Charleston area. Our busiest time of the year is from September through December. It can be difficult to schedule an appointment on the most convenient date for you. You may also have to wait for weeks until we have the chance to come to your home. Since it could possibly be unsafe to use your fireplace before it has been professionally swept and inspected, you may not be able to enjoy the holidays around your hearth with your friends and family if you wait too long to contact us for an appointment. Scheduling this annual service visit now guarantees your fireplace will be working safely and efficiently throughout this fall and winter.

What can I expect from a professional chimney sweeping and inspection from Ashbusters?

We take great pride in making sure your home is as clean as it was before we arrive by laying down tarps and drop cloths on the floor in front of your fireplace. We also set up a high speed dust collector that will protect your home from the soot and other dirty debris we are sweeping from the chimney. Once we have protected your home from getting dirty, we then sweep the chimney from the top to the bottom with specialized tools like rotating brushes on extended rods. We take great care to ensure we have removed every bit of the flammable compound creosote from the inner chimney walls to reduce the risk of a chimney fire.

After the sweeping is complete, we will then inspect the interior and exterior of your chimney to see if there is any sort of damage that could cause problems when you use your fireplace. If any damage is found, we will provide you with a written explanation and photos of the damage as well as a written estimate of the repairs needed to make everything safe.

Beat the fall rush! Contact us today at Ashbusters to schedule your appointment for your annual professional chimney maintenance services.