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One of the most important components of your chimney and fireplace system is the liner. Over the years, Ashbusters has seen the problems that can be caused when a chimney liner is damaged or not in place. Whether you have a clay tile, cast-in-place, or a stainless steel liner, we can inspect your chimney liner.

We are proud to provide a variety of chimney relining options, including HeatShield. To understand why this chimney component is so important, we would like to tell you more about the three functions of chimney liners.


masonry chimney with blue skyTests concerning the performance and safety of masonry chimneys were conducted by the National Bureau of Standards in the 1940s and the 1980s.  According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), they found that chimney liner was essential in protecting the combustible parts of homes from heat transfer. Without liners in your chimney, extremely high temperatures were able to move quickly through the woodwork and ignite within four hours. Ashbusters can help you reduce the risk of an accidental fire after we repair your existing liner.


Combustion gases and other byproducts are acidic, and chimney liners serve to keep the bricks and mortar joints of masonry chimneys safe from corrosion damage. When your chimney liner has cracks, corrosive gases can seep through the gaps and eat away at masonry materials. You can depend on the chimney relining services at Ashbusters to protect your bricks and mortar joints.


Updating an old masonry fireplace with a new insert appliance is a popular way to save money and energy. However, most masonry chimneys are too large for the average fireplace insert. This size mismatch can cause drafting issues and condensation problems. Ashbusters can customize a stainless steel liner to provide a new flue for your insert. Your appliance will work even more efficiently with a properly sized flue.

Chimney liners help your chimney function more efficiently. They also keep your family safe from hazards like accidental fires and carbon monoxide leaks. If you cannot remember when your chimney was relined, contact us today to schedule an appointment!