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You thought we meant “fireplace”, right? It is true that what you burn in the fireplace is directly related to what you should not burn in your chimney. Certain woods produce more smoke, and that definitely contributes to the problem under discussion. That problem, however, is in the chimney itself, and it gave rise to the chimney sweep profession.

What NOT to Burn - Charleston SC - Ashbusters Chimney

The problem is soot, at least in its earliest and most easily removed stage, later becoming a sticky tar and crunchy rock-like substance. In every form, it amounts to creosote accumulation in the chimney, and an alarming number of homeowners try to burn it off. Putting the entire home at risk, people are purposely starting chimney fires as a means of cleaning their chimneys.

This is not a good idea! While it is a good idea to remove the creosote deposits that have built up in the chimney, planning a chimney fire to clean them out is not. CSIA certified chimney sweeps can remove creosote in all stages, and they will not burn down your house in the process. Their services are affordable, they are efficient and dependable, and they do not put your family in harm’s way.

Even a small chimney fire that you somehow manage to control and contain to the chimney is damaging to its components. A chimney is designed to expel smoke from the house, not to be the firebox that contains air heated to high temperatures. Even if the fire does not reach the home’s structural elements this time, it is increasing the likelihood that heat will be improperly contained the next.

Chimney sweeps offer a much more rational solution to the creosote you are rightly worried about, and spring is a great time to schedule an inspection and cleaning. They will do a lot more than just clean your chimney, so their services are a bargain considering the damage that can be done. Schedule an appointment in the Charleston area if you would like more information regarding your chimney.