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Do you have a wood-burning fireplace? If so, you probably know that your chimney can get very dirty over the winter season. While the soot and dust can make quite a mess, they do not pose as much of a danger as creosote. This is the sticky residue that has accumulated on the inner walls of your chimney. This substance is highly flammable! National organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend that homeowners have their chimneys professionally cleaned at least once a year to prevent the dangerous hazard.

Ashbusters is proud to offer superior chimney and fireplace maintenance, repair, and installation services to the residents of Charlestion. You can trust all of our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps to do an expert job of removing every bit of creosote from your chimney’s interior. Additionally, we will always strive to give you the best customer service possible. We would like to tell you more about creosote. Also, how this natural compound can put your life in danger if allowed to build up in excessive amounts.

What exactly is creosote?

Smoke, gases, vapors, and other byproducts that form during the combustion process of burning wood can transform into creosote. This is especially true if the upper half of your chimney is cool enough for condensation to occur. The byproducts of combustion end up becoming a sticky residue, which can vary in color and appearance. No matter if creosote is black or brown, shiny and hard, gummy and sticky, or crispy and flaky, it is always very flammable.

Just how dangerous is creosote?

If you have a good number of large creosote deposits that are stuck to the interior chimney walls, there is a risk of a chimney fire! Creosote can ignite very quickly, and this is why the CSIA has named it as a leading cause of chimney fires. Another bad thing about creosote is how strongly it can smell. This compound can release an acrid and unpleasant odor, especially during the heat and humidity of summer.

How can Ashbusters help me reduce the hazards of creosote in my chimney?

Having your chimney professionally swept and inspected by Ashbusters is the best way of avoiding a devastating chimney fire that was caused by creosote. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a stinky chimney this summer. So, don’t wait! Contact us now to schedule an appointment for your annual chimney sweeping and inspection.