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When it comes to maintaining your chimney, you want to always be on the lookout for water leaks. The earlier that you can spot a leak, the less damage will occur to your chimney and your home. As we are heading into winter, you should keep this in mind: water deterioration can be at its worst during the colder months of the year! Do you suspect you may have a chimney leak? If so, you should contact us at Ashbusters to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney masonry repair services as soon as possible. We also specialize in preventing chimney water leaks by providing several different water penetration preventive services. Now, we would like to tell you more about how water can damage your chimney and home. In addition, how we can help you with a leaky chimney!

What damage can water leaks do to my chimney?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), water is the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys. Not only does it damage the bricks and mortar joints of the chimney, but it also causes corrosion to the metal components, including the damper and the liner. Water leaks can also harm your home by rotting the wooden structure and staining ceilings and walls. We mentioned that the most deterioration to your chimney from water occurs in the winter. This has to do with the fact that the bricks and mortar joints are porous and absorb water. When the temperature drops below freezing, this water freezes and expands inside the masonry materials. As the weather warms up, the force of the water thawing can cause the bricks and mortar to crack and break apart. This leads to even more water leaks into your chimney!

How can Ashbusters help me with my leaky chimney?

If you think you may have a chimney leak, we can inspect your chimney to find the source of your leak. Our experienced CSIA-certified chimney technicians know where to find chimney leaks. You can trust us to properly repair the cause of the leak, as well as any damage from the leak. We can also help you with ways to prevent any future water leaks. This includes professional chimney cap installation, customized flashing installation, and waterproofing services.

Keep your chimney working safely and efficiently all winter by making sure it is protected from water leaks. Contact us at Ashbusters to make an appointment for a chimney leak inspection today!