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Top Mounted Damper Saves Money Image - Charleston SC - AshbustersAs winter approaches, you may be thinking of ways to save money on your heating bills. If you have a traditional throat damper, you are most likely losing a lot of heat through the chimney because it is impossible to get an airtight seal with an old metal damper. Older throat dampers can also become stuck in a position between open and closed, and this can cause problems with smoke and toxic gases being forced back into your home as well. Fortunately, Ashbusters has a solution to this problem — a new top mounted damper. Installed at the top of the chimney instead of directly above the fireplace, this type of damper can save you money and energy and even improve the performance of your chimney and fireplace system. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of top mounted dampers and how one can reduce your heating and energy costs.

Increases the energy efficiency of your home

A top mounted damper is equipped with a silicone rubber gasket that completely seals off your chimney at its very top. This feature greatly increases the heating efficiency of your home, which will save you quite a bit of energy and money all year long. When this damper is closed, air from the outside never gets a chance to come in through the chimney since it is located at the top of the chimney. You will not have to run your furnace and air conditioner as often as a way to make up for outside air affecting the indoor temperature.

Operates as a chimney cap as well

One of our favorite benefits of a top mounted damper is that it also functions as a chimney cap. Our staff can show you models of this damper that have mesh metal sides that will keep birds and wild animals out of your chimney, even when the damper is open. You can trust our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified technicians to install your top mounted damper to best protect your chimney.

Easy to open and close

When you have an older throat damper, it can be easy to accidentally hurt yourself when you open or close it because of having to stick your head into the fireplace. Our expert installers will show you how to use the attached lever by your firebox to open and close your top mounted damper.

Save money and energy this winter. Contact us at Ashbusters to find out more about how a top mounted damper can increase the heating efficiency of your home and decrease your utility bills.