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In order to work efficiently, your chimney system needs certain important components in place. One of the most essential components is the chimney cap, which sits on the very top of your chimney. This cap protects the flue and your home from the elements of weather. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) says the chimney cap is important to prevent masonry deterioration from water and serves other functions as well. If your chimney is uncapped or if your existing cap is old and damaged, Ashbusters can help with our chimney cap sales and professional installation services. We would like to tell you more about the importance of this chimney component.

Prevents Water Penetration

According to the CSIA, a chimney cap is the most economical way to prevent water leaks. Located at the top of the chimney, your chimney cap keeps water from rain and melted ice and snow out of the flue. Without a professionally installed chimney cap, your roof has an open hole that allows water to easily enter your home. Water causes destructive and expensive damage to the chimney and masonry.

Keeps Birds and Wild Animals From Entering the Chimney

An uncapped chimney is an open door to any birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wild animals. Not only are these animals nuisances, there is a chance one could get stuck in the flue and possibly die in your chimney. To keep this from occurring, be sure to select a chimney cap equipped with mesh metal sides preventing wild animals from getting inside.

Reduces the Risk of Accidental Fires

The mesh metal sides on a chimney cap keep hot sparks and embers from jumping out of the top of the chimney. This greatly reduces the risk of a fire starting on your roof, in a tree, or in your yard. This function of the chimney cap is very important for your family’s safety because it decreases the chance of fire.

Improves Draft

If you have problems lighting a fire or smoke blowing into your house from the fireplace, consider a chimney cap designed to improve the draft. The cap directs wind to pull the exhaust out of the chinney because of its specifically designed vents on the sides.

If you need a new chimney cap, Ashbusters offers a wide variety of different shapes and styles in stainless steel and copper. Contact us today to learn more about our chimney cap sales and professional installation services.