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If you want to save money and energy this winter, you should check the condition of your chimney damper. Unfortunately, traditional throat dampers can cause your heating and cooling bills to be higher than normal because they do not provide a tight seal. Since throat dampers are made of metal, they become damaged from corrosion so you may have trouble adjusting the handle.

A rusted damper can also get stuck in the open position, which means heated and cooled air can easily escape. When you consider ways to decrease your heating costs and increase the energy efficiency in your home, Ashbusters is here to help. We are here to solve your problem with a new Energy Top damper from U.S. Fireplace Products. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of this top mounted damper.


chimney damper humor A traditional throat damper is generally right above the firebox. However, the Energy Top and Energy Top Plus dampers are located at the top of your chimney. Because of its location, these dampers serve as a chimney cap. They work to protect your chimney from water from rain, ice, and snow. The Energy Top Plus damper is also equipped with mesh to keep out birds and wild animals from your flue. When our customers need to replace their chimney caps, our Ashbusters team recommend an Energy Top damper!


One of the biggest problems with throat dampers is the difficulty people have when adjusting it from the closed position to the open position. Since it is located directly above the firebox, you may have to stick your head through the firebox to open and close the damper. Over the years, throat dampers can suffer from corrosion, and this cause difficulties with adjusting them. With an Energy Top damper, you simply move a handle that is attached to a cable, which extends down from the top of your chimney to open or close it.


At Ashbusters, we recommend Energy Top dampers to our customers because it increases energy efficiency and decreases utility costs. They are equipped with silicone rubber gaskets that provide an airtight seal, especially when the damper is closed. Studies have shown that homeowners can lose quite a bit of heated and cooled air out the chimney if the damper does not seal properly. We promise that your utility costs will lower after we install an Energy Top damper!

If you are looking for ways to be more energy efficient this winter, Ashbusters can help with an Energy Top damper. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our professional installation services!