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If you are looking forward to the day when you can light the first fire in your fireplace this fall, you need to be sure that any necessary repairs that could cause your chimney to be unsafe are completed before fall arrives. Fall is our busiest season at Ashbusters, so you may have to wait a few weeks for us to get to your chimney if you wait until the fall to contact us. The repairs could also possibly take some time, so having them done in the summer is the best way to ensure your fireplace and chimney will be ready to use in the fall. We are proud to offer masonry repair services as well as water penetration prevention services that will help your chimney be in its best possible condition. We would like to tell you more about the signs that your chimney needs repairing.

Cracked, loose, or missing bricks and mortar joints on the exterior of your chimney

Common Issues With Chimneys in Older Homes - Smyrna TN - Ashbusters ChimneyThis type of damage is spalling and is the result of water penetration damage. If you neglect having these damaged bricks and mortar joints repaired, you will most likely end up with even more water damage that could lead to the collapse of your chimney. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has good reason to call water the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys as it can cause expensive and extensive damage. Ashbusters provides masonry repair services that will restore the soundness of the structure of your chimney. We take great care to ensure your chimney will be safe to use by replacing every damaged or missing brick and mortar joint.

Smoke blowing into your home rather than out the chimney

If you have problems with smoke coming into your home when you try to get a fire going in your fireplace, you could have either a flue blockage or an issue that is causing chimney draft issues. Ashbusters can inspect your chimney to see if any debris is blocking your flue, and we will get rid of that debris to reduce your risk of toxic gases like carbon monoxide coming into your home. We can also check to see if your flue matches the size of your heating appliance. Masonry chimneys are typically too large for newer fireplace inserts. We can install a new stainless steel liner that will provide a correctly sized flue for your insert.

Odors coming from the chimney

Have you noticed unpleasant odors entering your home through the fireplace and through the chimney? This could mean you have a lot of creosote buildup or even a dead bird or animal inside your chimney. Ashbusters can perform your annual chimney sweeping to remove all of the accumulated creosote from the walls of your chimney to take care of that odor source. Removing creosote also reduces your risk of a chimney fire as it is a highly flammable compound. We can also inspect your chimney to look for a deceased bird or animal, which we can also remove.
Get your chimney ready for fall. Contact us at Ashbusters to schedule an appointment for your annual chimney sweeping and inspection to be sure your chimney will be in top form this fall.