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One of the most important chimney maintenance responsibilities you have as a homeowner is to spotting damaged bricks and mortar joints early. This can prevent any masonry deterioration from worsening to the point of serious structural problems that can be very expensive to repair. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the fact that masonry materials are porous and suffer from erosion damage causes this type of deterioration. Knowing exactly what to look for can keep your masonry chimney safe and sound. Ashbusters specializes in chimney masonry maintenance and repair services, and we would like to tell you more about how to spot chimney masonry damage in its early stages.


A very early sign of possible chimney masonry deterioration are damaged bricks and mortar joints. This can alert you to the need for professional attention to your chimney. Since the majority of this type of damage happens over the winter, Ashbusters recommends keeping an eye on the exterior of your chimney throughout this season. Any moisture absorbed inside the bricks and mortar joints will freeze and expand during these periods. The force of the water thawing as the weather warms up is what causes the cracking, crumbling, and breaking apart of these masonry materials. Repeated cycles of this freeze/thaw process can accelerate the damage to the point of a possible collapse of the chimney structure.

As soon as you spot this type of damage, contact us to schedule an appointment for our expert chimney masonry repair services. You can count on our experience with techniques such as tuckpointing to properly restore the structural soundness of your masonry chimney. Our CSIA-certified chimney technicians will also take a look at your chimney crown to make sure this important masonry chimney component has not suffered from this same type of freeze/thaw damage.


Another sign of masonry damage are white stains on the exterior of your chimney can alert you to the presence of water leaks. Chimney leaks can lead to even bigger problems. These problems can include rotting of the wooden components of your home and staining of your ceilings and walls. Those white stains are known as efflorescence. Efflorescence occurs when moisture penetrates the bricks because of the salt that is brought to the surface of its exterior. If you notice these types of white stains on your chimney,

Ashbusters can help you by inspecting your chimneys for leaks. Over our years of working on leaky chimneys, we know how to pinpoint the source of the leak and how to make the right type of repair to solve the problem. We can also clean your chimney’s exterior to get rid of those unattractive efflorescence stains.

Early detection of masonry damage is key to prolonging the life of your chimney. When you notice these signs of damaged bricks and mortar joints, contact us at Ashbusters to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney masonry repair services. We also provide water penetration preventive services, such as waterproofing, that can protect your chimney from suffering from masonry damage this winter.