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Your masonry chimney is built to last a lifetime, but because of the constant exposure of the elements of weather to the bricks and mortar joints of the chimney, you may notice signs of masonry damage to the exterior chimney over the years. Having this damage repaired as soon as possible is key to preventing further deterioration of the structure of your chimney. To help you avoid extensive and expensive masonry chimney repair costs, Ashbusters is proud to provide professional masonry chimney restoration, repair, and rebuild services to the Charleston area. After they complete the repair work, our certified and skilled chimney masons willRestore, Repair, and Rebuild Masonry Chimneys - Charleston SC - Ashbustersmake sure that the structure of the chimney is sound and safe with no possible risks of collapsing. We would like to tell you more about these professional chimney masonry services we offer and why they are so important for the safety and efficiency of your chimney.

What are the differences between the masonry repair, restoration, and rebuild services provided by Ashbusters?

When you notice cracked, crumbled, loose, missing, or any other type of damage to the brick or mortar joint on the exterior of your chimney, you should give us a call to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney masonry repair services. If you are moving into an older home with a masonry chimney that has seen better days, you may be in need of our chimney masonry restoration services. For both our masonry chimney repair and restoration services, our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney masonry professionals use techniques like tuckpointing that require specialized tools to remove damaged mortar joints and bricks and replace with new masonry materials that have been customized to match the color and consistency of the existing chimney. If your chimney has suffered from extensive masonry damage, we recommend our masonry rebuild services. We will work hard to get your chimney back in shape in time for you to enjoy your fireplace this fall.

Why is it so important to take care of damaged chimney masonry in a timely manner?

According to the CSIA, masonry chimney damage can quickly get worse every time it rains, sleets, or snows. Water is the main cause of this type of damage, which can accelerate into further deterioration during the winter because of the freeze/thaw cycles that occur. Any moisture absorbed into masonry materials will freeze and expand each time the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When this water thaws back out, its force can cause the bricks and mortar joints to crack and break apart. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles can worsen quickly over one winter season to the point where the structure of your entire chimney is in jeopardy.

To avoid serious masonry deterioration this winter, Ashbusters recommends checking your exterior chimney for damaged bricks and mortar joints now. If you find any damage, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our certified and trained chimney masonry professionals to get your chimney in its best shape to stand up to colder weather.