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One of the best things about a new year is the chance to make a fresh start in different aspects of your life. For many homeowners, the beginning of the year is a great opportunity for home improvement projects. In the Charleston region, Ashbusters has a team of chimney professionals that can help you take care of any type of damage that your system may have suffered. We are proud to be trained and certified by the leaders in our industry. Such leaders include the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI).

We also provide chimney masonry services and can help you with a new fireplace to provide supplemental heat to your home. No matter the chimney and fireplace task you need, count on us for the best service throughout the entire project. We would like to tell you a bit more about our chimney relining and construction services and what you can expect from our team of chimney professionals.

CHIMNEY RELININGnew outdoor fireplace patio

According to the CSIA, chimney liners are an essential part of a chimney and fireplace system. This is because they serve three important functions that allow you to safely enjoy warm and cozy fires in your home. The liner protects your home from heat transfer, keeps the bricks and mortar joints safe from corrosive combustion gases and vapors, and provides a correctly sized flue for your hearth heating appliance. When the liner is cracked or has suffered from other damage, your chimney is not safe to use. A crack allows heat to transfer to nearby walls, increasing your risk of accidental fire. You also have the danger of toxic combustion gases like carbon monoxide leaking through the cracks and gaps in the damaged liner.


Fortunately, Ashbusters offers a couple of different professional chimney relining options, which include HeatShield and stainless steel liner installation. If you have a masonry chimney, it was most likely built with a clay tile liner. Although this type of liner is durable enough to last for the lifetime of the chimney, after years of exposure to extremely high temperatures and corrosive gases the tiles can become cracked and spalled.

In the past, it was very labor-intensive to repair clay tile chimney liners, but, fortunately, a revolutionary new product called HeatShield was developed as an economical way to restore the integrity of your chimney. Available in three different types of repair systems, HeatShield can be used with any type of fuel. It has been rated as a “Super-Duty” refractory mortar by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Another chimney relining option we provide is installing a new stainless steel liner. This is a perfect choice if you are considering updating your traditional fireplace with a new insert appliance. Most fireplace inserts are much smaller than masonry chimneys, but we can customize a stainless steel liner to perfectly match the size of the insert. This allows it to work at its highest levels of efficiency and safety.


Another popular New Year home improvement project is to add a new chimney and fireplace system. Luckily, Ashbusters provides comprehensive professional services for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and other heating appliance systems. No matter how big or small your project may be, we are the best choice for chimney construction. Our professionals are master masons. This means we serve as the contractor on the job, and you will receive everything covered in our 5 year workmanship and our 10 year lifetime warranties on our construction services. If you have been considering adding a fireplace to your patio and outdoor living space, we can help.


Our masonry construction projects include

  • outdoor fireplaces and fire pits,
  • full and partial outdoor kitchens, and
  • outdoor woodfired ovens.

No job is too big or too small for our team of chimney professionals, and we will be sure that you are completely satisfied with every service we provide. Our experts can assist you with making the best choices. From design to budget, we can give you the outdoor living space of your dreams. If you love to cook and entertain, we recommend adding an outdoor kitchen. If pizza is a favorite for your family, a woodfired oven would be an investment to consider!

Has your chimney seen better days? Ashbusters is here to help you start off the new year with a new chimney. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a chimney inspection with one of our CSIA-certified professionals. We will provide you with a detailed explanation of any problems that we may find. We give fair and honest written estimates of the services needed to get your chimney working safely again. If you are considering adding a new fireplace to your home, our expert team can help you. We are here for all of your professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation needs.