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Have You Been Breathing Mold Lately?

We’ve all pulled the occasional moldy leftovers out of the fridge or tossed a bag of rolls with fuzzy green stuff growing in it. But the kind of mold that grows in the dark, damp places of our home is a different story, and not quite so easy to get rid of. A chimney can fall into that category, and can cause all kinds of problems. Reactions to breathing mold are varied, depending on how susceptible the person is. Coughing, sinus issues, and eye/throat irritation are the most common symptoms. These can develop into respiratory issues, weaken the immune system, and cause long-term illness. Children and elderly are going to be more vulnerable to these dangers.

If there is moisture in your chimney, you are bound to have mold. This can aggravate respiratory problems, like asthma.

If there is moisture in your chimney, you are bound to have mold. This can aggravate respiratory problems, like asthma.

How Does My Chimney Get Moldy?

So we’ve established that mold thrives in dark, damp places, but you might not think of your chimney as being a damp place. After all, that’s where the smoke goes up, right? Moisture can enter your chimney during times of high humidity or because of rain or other types of moisture created by weather that can enter your chimney from outside. Once the moisture is inside, your chimney is the perfect place for mold to grow and reproduce—which is something mold does quite well. During reproduction, mold spores take to the air and multiply.


If you suspect that you already have mold in your chimney, don’t wait to act. The sooner you address the problem, the less effect it will have on your health. At Ashbusters, we are CSIA certified and specialize in isolating and dealing with any kind of problem your chimney can come up with. In the case of moldy chimneys, we will inspect and repair problem areas—among them, checking for leaks in the flashing (the seal between the joints in the chimney) and looking for water damage. Usually, we like to do a couple of things: install a chimney cap (if you don’t already have a good one) and waterproof the inside of your chimney—a special process that coats the inside of your chimney with a vapor permeable formula that allows trapped moisture to escape while not allowing outside moisture in.

Of course, if you keep up on annual chimney inspections and cleaning, we’ll already have discovered the issues you’re up against and helped you come up with resolutions that are a good fit for you. Give us a call at 843-225-9985 to schedule your inspection today.