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Your chimney liner plays such an important role in the functionality of your chimney and fireplace system. In fact, local building codes require that every chimney be lined. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the liner protects the combustible parts of your home from heat transfer, and it keeps the masonry materials of your chimney safe from corrosive combustion gases. Over the years, chimney liners can suffer from damage that can prevent them from doing their jobs properly. If you cannot remember the last time your chimney liner was replaced or repaired, Ashbusters can check out its condition when we inspect your chimney. We also provide professional chimney liner repair and replacement services, and we are proud to be licensed installers of HeatShield. We would like to tell you more about this chimney relining service and how this investment can protect your home.

What exactly is HeatShield?HeatShield Will Shield Your Chimney from Heat - Charleston SC - Ashbusters Chimney Service

If you have a masonry chimney, you most likely have a clay tile liner. In the past, it was very expensive to repair this type of liner because it required taking apart the chimney to get to the clay tiles. Fortunately, in the 1980’s, a revolutionary product named HeatShield was invented in Europe as a way to restore clay tile chimney liners. A combination of ceramic and refractory coatings, HeatShield is available in three different systems to restore your chimney to its top levels of efficiency and safety.

What are the three different systems of HeatShield?

Because the clay tile damage can be different from chimney to chimney, Ashbusters will first inspect your chimney to determine which HeatShield system is needed. If we find that only the mortar joints need to be repaired, we will recommend the Joint Repair System. When the flue is cracked or spalling but is otherwise sound, the Resurfacing System can be used to restore the integrity of your chimney. If we find that the clay tile liner is beyond repairing, we can show you how the CeCure Sleeve Relining System can solve the problem with a new liner. No matter which system is used, we will record our work with a special camera so that you will receive a limited lifetime warranty after HeatShield verifies the repair.

Our chimney professionals have been trained and certified to install HeatShield, so you can trust us to protect your chimney and home with this amazing product. Contact us today at Ashbusters to schedule a consultation appointment with our experts.