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Holiday Chimney Cleaning Image - Charleston SC - Ashbusters Chimney ServiceThe holiday season is kicking into full gear, and spending time with friends and family around the fireplace is a great way to enjoy this special time of the year. Making sure your chimney and fireplace system is working safely and efficiently is important. The last thing you want to deal with over the holidays is a devastating chimney fire or other dangerous hazard. This is why many national fire safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend having your chimney professionally swept and inspected before lighting the first fire of the year. Ashbusters is proud to offer these chimney maintenance services from our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps to the residents of the Charleston area. We are here to help you be prepared for fireside chats over the holidays, and we would like to tell you what to expect from our professional chimney sweeping services.

We promise a mess free sweeping.

Many people would rather put off this important chimney maintenance service until after the holidays because they are concerned about the mess that chimney sweepers could make in their homes. Ashbusters would like to put your mind at ease and tell you what we do to ensure your home stays clean during this process. We will cover the floor in front of the fireplace with tarps to keep the area clean, and we cover our shoes with booties when we are inside your home. We also set up a high speed vacuum to keep soot and dust from getting into your home.

We promise to thoroughly sweep your chimney to remove fire hazards.

By using specialized brushes on rods, Ashbusters takes great care to remove creosote from the inside of your chimney. Formed naturally during the combustion process of burning wood, creosote sticks to the inner walls of the chimney and can accumulate into large deposits that can be very hazardous. If the internal temperature of the flue gets hot enough, those creosote deposits can ignite into flames. Creosote is so flammable that the CSIA has named it a leading cause of chimney fires. Safety is our top priority, and we will greatly reduce your risk of a chimney fire after sweeping your chimney.

We promise to make sure there are no problems that could make your chimney unsafe to use.

After Ashbusters has swept your chimney, we will inspect the interior and exterior of your chimney to look for flue blockages, damage to the liner and other components, and deterioration of the bricks and mortar. If we find any problems that could cause your chimney to be unsafe, we will provide you with photos or video evidence and a written estimate of the repairs needed to make your chimney safe again.

Make sure your fireplace and chimney are ready for the holidays. Contact us at Ashbusters to schedule an appointment for a professional chimney sweeping and inspection today.