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Your chimney and fireplace system consists of several different components that need to be in good condition to work as efficiently and safely. One of these components is the chimney liner. It protects your home from heat transfer as well as keeping masonry materials safe from corrosive gases and vapors of combustion. If your chimney is unlined or if your existing liner has suffered from cracking, or other types of damage, it can lead to some possible deadly situations, including an accidental fire and a carbon monoxide leak.

Old Liners

Most older masonry chimneys are lined with clay tile liners, which are durable and long-lasting. However, the clay tiles can become cracked and chipped over time. In the past, repairing clay tile liners was time-consuming and expensive, but times have changed now.

Ashbusters is proud to provide clay tile relining services with HeatShield; a revolutionary product that makes this task much easier and economical. We would like to tell you more about HeatShield and how it can restore your clay tile liner.

What is HeatShield?

Over 20 years ago, the HeatShield Cerfractory technology was developed in Europe. They combined the strength of ceramics with the heat resistant properties of refractory cement to produce a material that can restore and repair clay tile chimney liners. Proven to stand up to moisture, corrosive combustion gases, and temperatures over 2900 degrees Fahrenheit, HeatShield is approved as an “all fuel” chimney liner. It has been proven to be effective in use and by lab testing.

How does HeatShield work?

With three different systems to repair clay tile chimney liners, HeatShield not only can restore the integrity of your flue, but it also prevents future gaps, cracks, and spalling inside your chimney. It even comes with a 20-year material warranty. As trained HeatShield installers, Ashbusters will be able to recommend the best HeatShield system to repair your chimney liner after we conduct a professional inspection of your clay tile liner. On one hand, if damaged mortar joints, we will suggest the Joint Repair System to restore the liner.

If the liner has been cracked or spalled but is still sound, the Resurfacing System will be our recommendation. However, if the liner has suffered from serious damage that is beyond repair, we can reline your chimney with the CeCure Sleeve Relining System. All three of these HeatShield systems involve the application of the refractory sealant, foam applicator blades, and other specialized tools that we have been certified to use in our chimney relining services.

What other types of chimney relining services does Ashbusters provide?

Along with the HeatShield systems, we also install stainless steel chimney liners. These can be used with wood-burning, pellet, and gas fireplaces. These durable liners will not rust and come with a lifetime warranty. Our technicians are happy to recommend the type of liner that will work best with your particular chimney and venting system.

Is it time to reline your chimney? Contact us at Ashbusters today to schedule an appointment for an inspection of your chimney liner.