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So here you are, the annual inspection of your fireplace system has confirmed that everything is in great shape. So why doesn’t it look like that? – and what can you do about it? For everyone tired of looking at a fireplace face that does not match the ‘youthfulness’ of what’s behind it, a ‘face-lift‘ is the answer.

Fireplace Face Lift - Charleston SC - Ashbusters Chimney Service

“Reverse Signs of Aging”

The hearth, mantel, and fireplace surround comprise the face of your fireplace, along with their doors, screens, and decorative items. They are what you – and your guests – see of your fireplace except for its glow. If your fireplace system is “young at heart” and your budget allows it, there is no reason to live with stains, chips in bricks, and other ‘facial wrinkles’ that mislead.

It should be obvious that this adds value to your home, so it is not a matter of ‘throwing away disposable cash’. Furthermore, a fireplace ‘facelift’ enhances your confidence in your home. Not only does it improve entertaining, but you can stop assessing dormant cracks and examining old stains. All of these are of value, so fireplace re-facing is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners tired of ‘decorative botox’.

You know what we mean…the temporary filling of aging spaces or the mirror hung to conceal the unflattering. A fireplace ‘facelift’ is a lasting solution – a makeover rather than just ‘makeup’ – an accurate reflection of fireplace system health. The ‘lifting’ and ‘reshaping’ of its old face leaves you with one that you can finally be proud of when people walk into your home.

Truth or Dare?

Consistent with ‘full disclosure’… we are making this sound easy and delightful, but it is a significant project. We are talking about removing and replacing the mantel and surround – the outer hearth – of your fireplace at least. However, when the job is done, your fireplace will be safer and your home will be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.