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 Fireplace Accessories Image - Charleston SC - Ashbusters CharlestonYou have had your chimney swept and inspected and cleaned your fireplace front, but you still feel like you need to update your hearth to be completely prepared for your first fire this fall. Not only does Ashbusters offer a wide variety of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts in our Fireplace Store, but you will also find a sizable selection of fireplace accessories. Whether you need a replacement broom for your tool set, a new grate, or a spark screen, we can help you pick out the fireplace accessories you need to be ready for fireplace season.

Tool Sets

In order to properly maintain a fire, you need the right set of fireplace tools. According to Chimneys.com, a good set of tools should include a poker for the fire, a broom to sweep ashes off the hearth, and a metal shovel to remove ashes. You can buy each piece separately, or you can get a complete set. We have several four-piece sets that are available in several finishes and include a poker, broom, shovel, and tongs.


While some people choose to use andirons instead of a grate, Ashbusters recommends using a set of andirons on the sides of your grate because andirons cannot keep holding logs as they burn down and fall on the firebox floor. We offer a nice variety of different styles of andirons and can help you find the set that matches your decor and fits your grate. Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles, we have what you want in different finishes.


To burn the best fires, you should always build your fires on top of a grate. It can be hard for enough air to get in if you are building your fire directly on the firebox floor. The best way to be sure you are buying a grate that will fit properly, you will need to take measurements of the depth of the inner hearth and of the widths of the front and back. Bring these measurements with you to Ashbusters, and we can show you your options.

Spark Screens

Fire is a dangerous element, and it is important to take safety measures against accidental fires being ignited in your home from hot sparks jumping out of the fireplace. Ashbusters can help you reduce the risk of one of these fires with a spark screen. If you are just looking for a basic and simple screen to keep hot sparks and embers from landing on the floor, curtains, or furniture, you can choose from bowed, folding, single panel, recessed hanging, and standing screens with doors. If you would like to add some style with a new spark screen, you have the option of several different patterns of applique screens to place in front of your fireplace.

To enjoy safe and long-lasting fires, it is important to have the right fireplace accessories. Contact us at Ashbusters to find these accessories, along with many more types, and be ready for fireplace season.