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It is never too early to think about saving money on heating costs. After the past few cold winters, you may have noticed that your traditional masonry fireplace does not warm your home as efficiently as you need. Ashbusters would like to tell you more about another heating option that you might want to consider: gas fireplace inserts. Since we both sell and professionally install these energy-efficient heating appliances, we would like to tell you more about them.

Gas Fireplace Inserts for the Fall - Charleston SC

What exactly are gas fireplace inserts?

These heating appliances consist of a firebox surrounded by steel or cast-iron, a log and burner set, and a decorative facing to fill in the gap between the firebox of the insert and the sides of your fireplace opening. Depending on the model, gas fireplace inserts can be recessed into a wall, placed within a freestanding fireplace cabinet, or simply installed within your existing fireplace. These heating appliances do require piping for the gas and electrical wiring for the controls and thermostat. It is best to have these heating appliances installed professionally because of the complexity of installation and of safety concerns.

What sort of options of gas fireplace inserts do I have?

You can find a wide variety of shapes and sizes of these heating appliances, and Ashbusters can help you select a gas fireplace insert to best fit the decor of your home. Some of the options you have will depend on your existing fireplace. Direct-vent gas inserts are perfect to be retrofitted into an existing fireplace because they require a flue for venting purposes. These inserts can also be installed to vent directly outside through a wall. Vent-free gas inserts can be placed anywhere in your home as they require no chimney or exterior venting.

What details should I know when I am shopping for a gas fireplace insert?

If you want to convert your old fireplace, it is important to know the exact measurements of its opening. You should also know the size of the room you want to heat as the heating capacities vary from model to model.

What are the benefits to using a gas fireplace insert?

According to Better Homes & Gardens, gas fireplace inserts can eliminate draft problems, provide more heat, emit fewer pollutants, and are much more simple to maintain than wood-burning fireplaces. You will not have to deal with so many chores like sweeping up ashes and bringing in firewood because you only have to flick a switch or turn on the insert via a remote control. You can find models with extremely realistic flames with adjustable heights as well as gas fireplace inserts that glow like smoldering coals. Many models come with ceramic logs, but you can also choose from gas inserts with beds of multicolored glass rocks, stacks of smooth stones, or piles of artificial charcoal briquettes.

Considering a new heating appliance this fall? Contact Ashbusters to talk to us about installing a new gas fireplace insert.