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According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (http://www.csia.org), when it comes to your chimney, the top two priorities of every homeowner should be 1) safety and 2) proper maintenance. More often than not, the second item here gets neglected and taken for granted by many homeowners.

So, to help you get a clearer picture, here are three of the most common examples of poorly maintained chimneys, and the consequences:

#1: Not getting your chimney Swept

As you may already know, a chimney is prone to the entry of foreign objects and pests. If you don’t have your chimney swept as often as is needed, you are increasing the likelihood of the accumulation of dirt, pests, rodents, leaves and other debris in your chimney. This, in turn, puts your chimney at risk for further chimney damage. So not only are you in for the repair, but you’re also putting you and your family’s health at risk.

# 2: Irregular Chimney Inspection

It may surprise you that such a relatively simple task as getting your chimney inspected can lead to a number of things. More often than not, the homeowner doesn’t feel the need to schedule a regular inspection, as it may seem to be an expensive and unnecessary thing. Wrong. When you have regular chimney inspections, you get an updated report on how your chimney is holding up. You’d know about the damage and the necessary repairs or replacements you need to do before the problem gets worse.

#3: Neglecting Recommended Repairs and Replacements

Yes, given that there is that percentage of the population of homeowners who do schedule regular chimney inspections and sweeping, there are also a great number of us who ignore the advice of the chimney professionals. We’re notified of a problem and we’re told that something needs fixing or replacing, but then we don’t do anything about it. This, in a sense, is still considered being negligent. You’re ignoring your responsibility to keep your chimney, including all its parts, fully functional.

The importance of having your chimney well maintained cannot be stressed enough. So before it’s too late, act now and start working on properly maintaining your chimney.