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Founded in 1977, the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting the success of its members by providing progressive services, encouraging ethics, professionalism, and accountability, and advancing the chimney and venting industry through awareness of the trade. Ashbusters is a proud member of the NCSG, and we would like to tell you more about this organization and why our membership makes a difference to you.

NCSG Member Image - Charleston SC - Ashbusters Chimney

Why You Should Hire an NCSG Member to Sweep Your Chimney

Hiring a member of the NCSG as your chimney sweep will give you peace of mind for several reasons:

  • a membership in the National Chimney Sweep Guild guarantees credibility and professionalism
  • members must sign and follow the NCSG Code of Ethics
  • members are kept up-to-date on industry technical changes and improvements through access to [italics]Sweeping: The Journal of Chimney & Venting Technology[italics]
  • the NCSG is the only nationally-recognized trade association for chimney and venting system professionals
  • affiliation is easy to verify through the NCSG website.

The NCSG Code of Ethics

To be a member of the guild, one agrees to the following guidelines:

  • to represent myself and my company professionally by providing service, education, and skills that comply with all codes and regulations applicable to the chimney and venting system industry in my area
  • to update my skills, knowledge, and techniques continually as new information comes to light in the industry
  • to render my services and represent my company honestly and fairly and to refrain from engaging in unfair or deceptive practices while working as a chimney sweep
  • to conduct myself decently, respectively, and professionally while serving in the capacity as a chimney sweep or while attending an industry event or function
  • to comply with the proper usage of the NCSG trademark logo

The Different Categories of Membership

When applying for membership to NCSG, there are five different types of membership from which to choose:

  • voting – this level is for a chimney service company and entitles the company to one vote in guild elections
  • supplier – this membership level is for any sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership which manufactures and/or supplies goods and/or services to the chimney service industry
  • dual – this applies to a company which both services and supplies chimney and venting system goods
  • affiliate – this level is for any individual or organization that is not engaged in, but has an interest in the chimney service industry
  • international – this non-voting category is for any chimney service company outside of the United States
  • senior – this is another non-voting level of membership for retired chimney sweep company owners that comes with significant discounts for the annual convention registration

Why We Join NCSG

Of course, Ashbusters became an NCSG member to be part of a vast professional chimney service industry network, but there are other reasons why we choose to hold our membership in this organization, including:

  • health insurance benefits
  • discounts on business services like liability insurance and payroll services
  • discounts on supplies for the office and the workfield
  • technical resources like a subscription to a monthly industry magazine and newsletter
  • discounts on educational opportunities like CSIA certification courses and the NCSG trade show and convention

To schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection from a trusted NCSG member, contact Ashbusters. You will be guaranteed a safe and professional examination and cleaning of your chimney.