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Chimney Sweeping

Own a chimney? Protect your investment with a sweeping.

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Ashbusters did some work on our chimney. From the estimate to the repairs, they did an amazing job. They do quality work with exceptional customer service.
Highly recommend!

Avoid Chimney Fires

When it comes to dirty chimneys, the biggest threat to worry about is a chimney fire. There’s no denying the benefits of using a fireplace during the cold winter months – energy savings, lower bills, a peaceful ambiance, etc. – but a chimney that’s filled with creosote is much more prone to experience a chimney fire, which would then erase all those money-saving perks.

Not to mention, chimney fires cause a lot of damage which means your system will now need costly repairs. And the longer the repairs are put off, the lower the value of your home will be.

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Prevent carbon monoxide exposure

Flues that are packed with soot and debris also mean that smoke and other harmful gases (namely carbon monoxide) are more prone to enter your household.

The reason carbon monoxide is especially threatening is because, not only is it very poisonous, but it’s also colorless and odorless too. This means you could be inhaling it for quite some time without even realizing.

Gain More Efficiency

When all is said and done, a clean chimney allows you to get the most from your fireplace. You deserve peace of mind this fall and winter as you light your fires and aim to spend warm, cozy evenings with your loved ones. Get the heat and efficiency you’re hoping for by having an affordable and essential cleaning completed today.

Heightened efficiency also means lowering your thermostat and saving month to month on energy bills – can’t beat that.

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