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Gain Peace Of Mind With An Annual Chimney Inspection and Sweeping

Ashbusters guarentees a no mess appoinment that will leave your home more efficient and safe

Create a safer and more efficient home by having your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned. A clean chimney allows your fireplace to perform as intended. Our technicians are trained, certified, and experienced to get the job done, and to have it done right. 

Why Annual Inspections and Cleanings Are So Important

If a safely operational fireplace isn’t enough of a reason to have your chimney swept or cleaned, how about saving money? With an inspection today, you can avoid major damage repair costs tomorrow. Avoid repairs, or worse, a partial or full chimney rebuild by having your fireplace health checked.

Once you’ve had your annual cleaning or inspection, you can feel secure in using your fireplace safely, and without worry of chimney fires, draft issues, or rusted parts.

With our 10 step sweeping protocall, you can be sure that you are getting the best service each time!

  1. We wear booties over our shoes to keep your home clean.
  2. We lay out tarps in front of the fireplace to ensure that your carpet does not get dirty.
  3. We hook up a high speed dust collector to make sure that no soot gets into your home.
  4. We sweep the inside of your chimney with hand tools for the firebox and smoke chamber.
  5. We then clean, inspect and adjust the damper and damper assembly.
  6. We use brushes on rods to sweep the flue and a vacuum with a triple layer HEPA filter to control dust.
  7. We do a visual inspection of the outside of the chimney, checking the mortar, brick and crown.  We document any damage or needed repairs we find on video or with digital photos that can be sent to you.
  8. We leave a copy of the written evaluation with you when we are through.
  9. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee (homeowner must be present at time of service).
  10. We recommended this service to be done annually.

Chris with Ashbusters was great. Showed up right on time, was efficient, super friendly and informative. Would definitely use them again!

Robin G.

Raymond performed a cleaning and inspection of my fireplace/chimney and was very kind and knowledgeable. He walked me through any trouble areas and allowed me to view the video inspection while he was working. Overall I couldn’t have asked for better service and will be using Ashbusters again for all future service.

Nathan R.

Trust the Ashbusters Charleston Team for All of Your Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance Needs

We have over 27 years of experience that we bring to Charleston and are a certified chimney sweeping company dedicated to keeping your chimney’s clean and safe. Along the way we have become an award winning chimney service with National Awards from Angies List and Service Select.

Our Sweeps believe in education and the list below is just a part of the memberships, education and associations belonged involved in to ensure ongoing education.

  • Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America
  • Southern Chimney Association Board Member
  • Cultured Stone Masonry Instructor – Southern Chimney Convention
  • Graduate of Pennsylvania College Advanced Fireplace Construction School
    -Master Masons Chris Prior and Glenn Luse instructors.
  • HeatShield® – Cerfractory Flue Repair-  Factory Training Instructor

Ready to Schedule?


Whether you call us or we call you back after you submit a scheduling form, you can expect our team to ask you a couple of questions.

Are you representing the home? We get a lot of real-estate managers, property managers and personal assistants that call for homeowners. Knowing who owns the home helps us to accurately save files and information relating to your services.

Have you used us for your appliance before? If so, we have all your past services on file and it speeds up the scheduling process.

Where is your home located? This ensures that you are in our service area.

What kind of appliance are you wanting to be serviced? (wood-burning fireplace, wood-burning stove, gas logs, etc)

How many stories is your home? What is the exterior of your chimney made out of? What do you have on your roof? (metal shingles, terra cotta, etc)

*If you don’t know the answers to these questions, no worries! Our team can help you.


We do not share the pricing of our services on our site. Because each service has multiple variables including the number of flues, the type of appliance, etc we can only give you an accurate price until we fully understand your appliance and the time and materials it will take to be serviced. If you have questions about cost, please call our office and our team is happy to answer any questions. If you are still unsure, please check out our reviews and you can find confidence in our work through our happy customers.