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Chimney Repairs & Maintenance

Invest in affordable repairs early on to avoid costly and time-consuming problems down the line.

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   Amy Cox
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Ashbusters did some work on our chimney. From the estimate to the repairs, they did an amazing job. They do quality work with exceptional customer service.
Highly recommend!

Masonry repairs

If your bricks and mortar are showing signs of deterioration, the time to get a pro in to look things over is now. Putting off repairs leads to system inefficiency and could invite some threats (like smoke, carbon monoxide, and increased risk of fire) into your home during the burning season.

We specialize in new construction, restoration, demolition, rebuilds, repointing/tuckpointing, and more.

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Chimney relining

Having a chimney liner is essential to operating your system as safely and as efficiently as possible. Without a properly installed one in place, you put both your fireplace and your home at risk.

If your liner is experiencing erosion, deterioration, cracking, flaking, spalling, or anything similar, don’t hesitate to give your techs a call right away.

Chimney Leak Repairs

Without the proper components and preventative measures in place, your chimney is bound to face extensive damage from water exposure. In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has deemed water as a masonry chimney’s number one enemy.

Count on our experts for chimney cap installation, chase cover replacements, crown repairs/rebuilds, waterproofing, and more. 

Already facing damage? Ask about our many chimney repair services.

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New Components & Replacement Parts

Are various parts of your system damaged or simply missing altogether? We offer replacement options that are not only from reliable companies, but built and installed to last.

And by trusting our techs for the job, you rest assured that any new parts will work correctly and won’t face damage or decay later on.

Always rely on an expert from the start – your home and chimney deserve it.

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