How To Know if Your Chimney Needs Repairs

  • Smells coming from the chimney can be dead things in there or creosote buildup.
  • Smoke from your fire is not going up the chimney but back-filling into your room.
  • There’s a white residue on the brick or stone.
  • The brick in your fireplace is cracking.
  • The bricks are flaking or turning back to sand.

All of these are signs that your chimney is not working properly. 

With that said, another thing to lookout for is water coming into your chimney system. If you see or hear water dripping anywhere around the firebox, mantel or chimney, please call us sooner than later. Water is the #1 enemy of your chimney. It can damage the brick, mortar and flue and can cause some very expensive repairs that have to be made to the appliance, to walls, mantels and ceilings in the room where the fireplace or stove resides. A chimney leak left unchecked can do a lot of damage!

We see other common repairs that need to be made that are either due to weather or animals or just from the normal wear and tear of the unit. It’s pretty easy to stop water and animals from entering the top of the system through the flue or chase with a good chimney cap that also is equipped with an animal screen.

Ashbusters Chimney Repairs

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small repair or a large one, you can have confidence in our team.

Cap & Chase Cover Replacements
Chimney Leaks
Chimney Relining
Masonry Repairs: 

  • New Construction including outdoor chimneys and kitchens
  • Restoration of old or damaged chimney brick and mortar
  • Demolition of old or damaged chimneys beyond repair or for replacement
  • Rebuilding a damaged chimney
  • Repointing damaged mortar between bricks
Chris provided excellent and knowledgeable service for our current fire place system. I look forward to working with him throughout our renovation. I highly recommend this service!
Jake, local homeowner

We had Ashbusters come out to inspect and clean our chimney/fireplace, and thank God we did! The information from the inspection we received by Chris revealed a problem we were originally unaware of. Getting ready to have a baby in April, I am so grateful that we will be getting this fixed and know 100% that our chimney/fireplace will be safe to use. We highly recommend Ashbusters, especially Chris. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and all around excellent customer service. 5 stars*****
Kayla, local homeowner


Whether you call us or we call you back after you submit a scheduling form, you can expect our team to ask you a couple of questions.

  • Are you representing the home? We get a lot of real-estate managers, property managers and personal assistants that call for homeowners. Knowing who owns the home helps us to accurately save files and information relating to your services.
  • Have you used us for your appliance before? If so, we have all your past services on file, and this speeds up the scheduling process.
  • Where is your home located? This ensures that you are in our service area.
  • What kind of appliance are you wanting to be serviced? (wood-burning fireplace, wood-burning stove, gas logs, etc.)
  • How many stories is your home? What is the exterior of your chimney made out of? What do you have on your roof? (metal shingles, terra cotta, etc.)

*If you don’t know the answers to these questions, no worries! Our team can help you.


We do not share the pricing of our services on our site. Because each service has multiple variables including the number of flues, the type of appliance, etc., we can only give you an accurate price until we fully understand your appliance and the time and materials it will take to be serviced. If you have questions about cost, please call our office, and our team would be happy to answer any questions. If you are still unsure, please check out our reviews and find confidence in our work through our happy customers.